The Roster

 The Campaign

 The Roster was designed as a single launch campaign in 2016, that strived to break the boundaries of what media defines as "beautiful". Partnering with The BeaYOUtiful Organisation, and influencers across Canada, a clothing campaign was created to disrupt the social boarders of beauty, and instead, uplift women and men through a brand statement. A year later, the success of the campaign launched The Roster into a full clothing line with simplistic designs featured seasonally. In wearing the product, we hope that you embrace your perfections and flaws that make you unique. YOU represent the shirt, in any shape and form, that expresses an individualistic complexion of beauty.

Taylor Hui - Creator of The Roster, Founder of BeaYOUtiful  

Taylor Hui - Creator of The Roster, Founder of BeaYOUtiful 




The Roster was inspired by BeaYOUtiful, a not for profit organization that empowers young girls to build confidence and discover inner-beauty.  Providing school programs across greater Vancouver, BeaYOUtiful aims to broaden the perspective of beauty for future generations, in hopes that they acknowledge the significance of self-love, their identity not defined by social standards. Additional to the brand igniting a positive message of beauty in the form of confidence and respect, 10% of sales for every shirt sold will be donated to BeaYOUtiful.


The BeaYOUtiful program participants 2016



The Roster believes both men and women play an essential role in challenging the beautification standards set today in society. The campaign has gathered influencers through out the city of Vancouver, those that impact masses of people across all ages and demographics, to provide a positive message on their platform. Those exposed on our site are chosen for a purpose. To inspire those they reach through media, business or personal outlets, to join them on a movement towards celebrating who we are as individuals.